Show basic information about the visitor such as browser, OS, resolution.
Packages the chat widget in a box that can be opened/closed
Shows visitor's current page title and address
Shows business info: name, description, logo
- Show a contact form when a visitor initiate a conversation
Shows a list of custom messages sent between operator and visitor.
Trigger a welcome message after a number of seconds
Notifies when the visitor is idle after a certain number of seconds
Shows a notification when someone starts typing
Handles the sound notification system ont he chat-widget.
Shows a chat form before the client initiate a conversation.
Reset user session
Show a map with the visitor location
Show extra information about visitors
Allow widget to be embedded only on whitelisted domains
Black Friday live chat template
Shows a Youtube video embedded in chat template
Happy Halloween template
Template for chat widget with the Valentine's Day theme
Winter Season template
Opencart ecommerce integration
Prestashop ecommerce integration
Turns the offline message form into a bot conversation