iPhone app

How to setup

  • Now you can chat with your visitors from your iPhone device using the XMPP/Jabber protocol

1. Download IM+ app

  • First you need to download Trillian app from the app store
  •   iPhone
HubTalk Live chat from iPhone

2. Enable push notifications

  • After you install the app, make sure you enable push notifications
  • Push notifications are important because you'll instantly be notified when a client initiate a conversation
iphone push notifications

3. Login or create a Trillian account

  • In case you don't have a Trillian account you need to create a new one
  • This is separated from the HubTalk account
trillian home

4. IM Accounts

  • Go to Settings IM Accounts Add Jabber / XMPP
iphone im accounts

5. Username and password

  • Get username and password from HubTalk Dashboard -> Setup -> Operators -> XMPP
XMPP username and password

6. Login

  • Login with your username and password
iphone hubtalk login

7. Contacts tab

  • On Contacts tab you’ll see your online visitors and you can start chatting with them.
iphone hubtalk contacts