Modern interface

  • Clean and non-distracting interface
  • Floating widgets provide your customers easy access to chat throughout your pages
  • Color separated messages
  • Last message time
  • Sound notification when a new message is received
Hubtalk Chat Widget


  • Multiple Themes to match your site look
  • Change themes with a simple button click
Hubtalk Chat Widget

Contact form

  • Contact form appears during the live chat session after the client initiates the conversation
  • Form fields appear one after another ,clients having the possibility to cancel it at any time and still chat with one of your operators.
Hubtalk contact form

Offline messages

  • You can enable the offline messages panel when no operators are online
Hubtalk offline message widget

Widget options

  • Change visitor name
  • Enable / disable sound notifications
  • Close / clear conversation
Hubtalk change name option

Minimized chat

  • Widget can be quickly minimized for a better view of your page contents
Hubtalk offline message widget

Multiple chat-widgets

  • Every website can have one or more chat-widgets
  • Possibility to enable/disable widgets
Hubtalk multiple widgets

Chat widget version

  • Widgets version helps testing your deployed widget before updating to a newer version
  • API is backwards compatibile with older minor versions
Hubtalk Widget version


  • HubTalk widget is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable script width around 22kb in size. (Size depends on the widget configuration and installed add-ons)
Hubtalk lightweight widget

Easy to embed

  • The widgets are easy to install: a simple copy-paste action.
Hubtalk embed code

Assign operators to widget

  • You can assign one or more operators to a widget
Hubtalk assign operator to widget

Assign website

  • You can change widget's website
  • This way you can keep your widget settings, avoiding the process of creating a new blank widget
Hubtalk assign website to widget

Widget position

  • You can position your chat widget anywhere in the page
Hubtalk widget position

Enable offline message

  • You can enable / disable the offline messages panel
  • This setup is separated for every widget created
Hubtalk widget enable offline message