Operators features

Multiple Operators

  • You can create as many operator accounts as you want
  • No operator limit
Add operator

Assign widgets to operator

  • You can assign one or more widgets to an operator
  • This will give a better way to split the conversations between operators
  • Make sure the incoming chats are delegated to the right operator
Hubtalk Widget to an operator

Operator's Log In page

  • Every operator has a log in page
  • This way you can group your agents into separate teams
Hubtalk Operators log in page

Manage Visitors/Conversations workflow

  • Manage the number of simultaneous visitors/conversations an operator can handle
  • Don't flood your operators with more conversation that they can handle
  • You can limit the number of visitors/conversations an operator can have at a certain time
  • You can auto-assign an operator only when the visitor initiate a conversation
Conversations workflow