Live chat for Prestashop

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Available for Prestashop 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 8.x

You also need to install HubTalk Prestashop app from AppHub

Prestashop 8.x
Prestashop 1.6 & Prestashop 1.7
Prestashop 1.5

Shopping cart abandonment

Send automatic live messages the moment a client adds a certain amount of products in his shopping cart

Multi language shop support

Separate your visitors based on the selected language they speak and assign them to a certain operator

You can also customize the widget based on the selected language

Multi store customer support

For every store you can choose a chat widget with a different color, size and welcome message

You can also assign different operators to different stores, and even split them based on the selected language

Current shopping cart

  • Real time updated list with the products added by your customer in his shopping cart

  • Better understand what kind of products he's looking for without asking additional questions

live chat prestashop current cart

Orders history

  • Know if he's a loyal customer, what kind of products he bought or how many orders he canceled

live chat prestashop orders history

Viewed products

  • See what products your visitors have viewed before engaging them.

Viewed products

Product manager

  • Easy and fast way to browse and search through the list of all your shop's products, check if a certain product is in stock or if it's on a discount

live chat prestashop product manager

All tools packed in one place

Avoid switching back and forth from shop's admin panel to your chat panel, saving valuable time and providing faster response times

all tools hubtalk dashboard prestashop

Easy to configure

Add / remove the chat-widget from your website with just a simple click

hubtalk prestashop module 2.0