Beta 3 – released

Hello everyone. Today we’re releasing the hubtalk beta 3 version.
Starting today we split our work in modules, and every module will have its own version and release date. What does this mean?
It means a faster release cycle for certain components , rather then waiting for a huge monolithic improvement. This way we are able to release new features more frequently. This is particularly important for modules where development is very rapid such as chat-widgets.
Having completely separate modules will allow teams to work independently, and it also allows testers and users to focus on using and testing one module, which can be based on stable base modules.
Also independent small bug-fixes will be released much faster this way.

That being said , we split HubTalk in the following modules:

  • Embedded widgets – responsible for those small html/js widgets that users insert in their sites, like chat-widget
  • Control Panel – the administrative panel for operators, widgets and conversations
  • Network – handles communication between clients(operators, visitors) and server(HubTalk)

In the future, we might add new modules and also split current ones into many sub-modules.

Based on the modularization phase that we’ve just talked about, we’re also releasing the third and last beta version of the chat-widget: chat-widget v.1.0.0.b3.
This comes with a notably reduced size(in kb) of the JavaScript code, around 50% less(from ~120kb to 60-65kb), which means faster loading times. There’s more to talk about this, but that’s the subject for another post.
Chat-Widget version is now visible

Current beta 2 users/testers will require to update their embedded code one more time(and for the last time). Future minor versions will use the same embedded code.
Also we changed and simplified the widget configuration panel, as you can see, moving the Online/Offline Intro messages in Box panel. If you’ve already changed those messages, you’ll probably need to do it again, and we’re sorry for that, but the way the new system is built made things very difficult for us to change it for you.

Another feature that we’ve added is word-wrapping in chat-widgets, this way we’re avoiding the appearance of that ugly horizontal scroll-bar.
Chat-widget word-wrap

Use it, test it, give us some feedback.

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