Beta 7 + Chat Widget 1.1 released: up to 350% faster

Hello again. Today we’re celebrating the release of the 7th beta and the final version of chat widget 1.1.

The new thing is something in common for both of them : major speed improvements.

How big are these speed improvements you might ask??

Depends….on what browser you’re using. You’ll get up to 350% faster connection speed, on WebKit browsers such as Google Chrome(v16) and Apple Safari 5.
This is because those browsers implement the WebSockets technology.

What about the rest of the browsers : Firefox, Internet Explorer , Opera…? Well we also got here a 20% speed improvements on chat widget, but don’t worry, cause the trend is moving towards us. Firefox 11(currently in beta stage),Internet Explorer 10(currently in alpha) and Opera 12(currently in alpha) will also support the websocket technology, so expect to have this major speed improvement on your favorite browser as well in the following months.

Connecting time

iSupport” for iPhone and iPad as well. That’s right, now you can engage you website visitors from your iPad.Also the chat widget will be visible on iPhone and iPad.(only for iOS 4.2 or higher).
Hubtalk on iPad

NOTE: All Chat-Widgets have been automatically updated to version 1.1

Test it, and tell us what’s your best connection time. Ours is 0.513 seconds on Google Chrome(v16).

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