Beta 24 – Themable chat-widget

We’re happy to introduce the next iteration of our adventure : Beta 24. This new versions brings besides bug fixes a lot of new features such as:

Multiple chat-widget themes

This is the most important feature in this release and a lot of people asked for this. For the moment we introduced a series of 5 new themes beside the default orange one.

Now you can change your widget theme with a simple click of a button. You can choose from : orange(default), green,blue, silver, yellow and red.

Autogrow textarea in operators chatboard

In operators panel now the textarea where the text is written has the autogrow feature. This custom input will adjust its height while you type, as you can see in the image below.
autogrow textarea

Static position

Besides the default floating position , now your chat can be placed exactly where you want in the page.


Chat widget 2.4.0

This new version of chat-widget brings more modularity and the possibility to change themes without changing the javascript code on your site.
NOTE: All widgets have been updated to version 2.4

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