Beta 31 – new channel API , speed improvements and code cleanup

We’re proud to announce that beta 31 is now available. In this version we introduced the Channel API, some small but useful code cleanups and some speed improvements in certain areas.

beta 31 improvements

In this post we’ll be focusing on the new channel api and what does it do.

From now on, whenever you send a message, you need to send it on a certain channel. The same way goes when you receive a message, you need to know on what channel to listen.
You can think this as a TV broadcasting system. Every TV program has its own channel.

The channel is simply a javascript object like this:

	key:"channel key", //channel key String(32)
	type:"public",// channel type : public or private
	purpose:"some purpose"// (optional) the purpose of this channel

The channel key has the same value as the app key. The channel type can be public and every app can receive the message sent, or private and the message will be sent only within the app components. The purpose is an optional string (max 32 chars) and serves as a “purpose” for the message sent. This might be useful when you receive 2 or more messages on the same event but with different purposes.

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this release. You can contact us in a variety of ways:
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