Major update – New bubble chat widget

Hello. Today was released a major update with some cool and interesting new features. But before that I would like to talk about pricing.

In the beginning HubTalk started as a pet project that wanted to be a small, lightweight live chat solution, able to offer you more information about website visitors like current cart, previous order and so on. For those of you who used HubTalk from the beginning you know that the service was 100% free. But as the small project grew into a much larger one , it become more costly to maintain it.

On the other side we want to help those who just start their online business and don’t want to spend much of their money. That’s why we offer 2 simple plans: Free and Paid.

We also like to thank everyone who used and still use HubTalk for their support and feedback. That’s why we’re happy to give you a limited time offer for the next 3 days that will double the amount of time for any purchase you make.

Buy 1 month => Get 2 months
Buy 6 months => Get 1 year
Buy 1 year => Get 2 years


The offer is available until October 5(including that day – GMT0 time), when all the non paid accounts will be switched to Free. You can find more information on our pricing page.

Now let’s talk about the new features.

Bubble attention grabber

Now every time a visitor receives a message and the chat box is closed a bubble and a bouncing badge will appear. The bubble will contain the last message received and the badge the number of unread messages.

This is very helpful with the First message trigger app especially on mobile devices where you don’t want to scare your visitors by opening the chat to the entire page.

Photo 03.10.2016, 04 22 32

Of course if you don’t like the bubble message you can always disable it from Setup -> Widgets -> [ Select widget ] -> Box
box config

Chat message animation

Now chat messages have a small animation effect when they appear making the whole experience feel more smooth.

Auto-reconnect on mobile phones

A big problem with mobile phones is that internet connection may interrupt in any moment. Now the chat widget will automatically re-connect every time the internet is on.

Operators coverage

Now you know the percentage of how many visitors have been covered by an operator during a day.

As always we’d love to hear from you. Feedback is always welcomed:

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