3 major releases: beta 18, chat-widget 1.6 and chat-widget 2.0

It’s been almost 1 and half years since we published the chat-widget v.1 release and we’re now introducing chat-widget 2.0 – a new fresh beginning.

Chat-widget 2.0

Chat-widget 2 has a complete redesign , brings a new look, it’s much smaller and much faster compared with the first version. But it has one problem….the API it’s not backward compatible with older versions.
Here are some images with the new chat-widget version:
Offline Message

Main chat

Online chat closed
box closed

Offline chat closed

Chat-widget 1.6

Today we’re also releasing chat-widget v.1.6 which will be the latest 1.* major versions. We’ll continue to support this version only on security and bug-fixes level, so.. no new features. The version was made to help users migrate in the following months to our new v.2 and make some time to adapt their scripts to the new API.

Beta 18

This version brings only one new thing: the possibility to change widget version. To do that you need to go to Setup->Widgets-> Select a widget-> Basic Info.

NOTE1: All chat-widgets have been updated to 1.6
NOTE2: If you wanna try chat-widget v2 you need to do it manually

As always, we welcome your feedback:
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