Beta 17 released: introducing HubTalk Notifier for Firefox

It’s been one month since we released the Beta 16. After evaluating the feedback and going through the list of reported bugs, we decided it’s time to release beta 17.
This new version brings besides the small bug fixes and speed improvements one important new feature: Hubtalk Notifier (for the moment only for Firefox browser).

Hubtalk Notifier 0.1

As the title says this is a notification tool for your operators. It’s also helping your agents staying permanently online without having a page(tab) opened with hubtalk dashboard panel.
An operator can see how many visitors or conversations are assigned to them and with a simple click of a button they can log into the dashboard to respond to the pending conversations.
For more details and how to install visit HubTalk Notifier page.
NOTE:We recommend users to enable Firefox add-on bar from the options menu.

Hubtalk Notifier

Dropping instant messenger support

Starting this version we’re dropping the support for instant messenger. We recommend our operators to migrate to notifier instead for an always online solution.

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this release. You can contact us in a variety of ways:
Facebook :

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