Prestashop Module 1.3 released – Live chat for Multi-Language Shops

Today we’re releasing a new version for our Live Chat Prestashop module.
Besides some small bug fixes and clearing the installation documentation we’ve added support for Multi-Language Shops.

How it works

You can assign a different chat widget to every language supported by your shop. Every chat widget can be fully customized: different language, color, operators,etc…
For example you have an online shop in 2 languages: English and French. You can create a chat-widget in English, in red color, and assign Jim as operator and a chat-widget in French, in blue color, and assign Adeline as operator. All you shop visitors who have selected the English language will be assigned to Jim and will see a red chat in English, visitors who have selected the French language will be assigned to Adeline and will see a blue chat in French.


To download the latest version of this module go to this page : Live chat for Prestashop
1. Download the module and install it in your Prestashop admin panel (if you have installed an older version an update will be made)
2. In HubTalk dashboard go to Setup->Widgets->New Widget and create as many widgets as you want, then set a different language for every widget.
3. Go to module config panel in Prestashop admin panel
4. Make sure you have a Default Widget Key (first field) – this is what the chat that will be seen if there are no chat-widgets installed for other languages
5. Copy the Widget Keys (from HubTalk dashboard) and paste them in the Prestashop Admin panel -> Modules -> HubTalk Module Config -> Chat Widget => [Your language] ( see the image above)

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