Chat-widget 3.9 and message trigger

Today we’re releasing our next minor version for the chat-widget.
Here is the change log:

Chat widget 3.9

** Widget’s shadow is now applied per stage and not per entire chat
** Shadow is now taking the form of the round corner(top left and right); before this, there was a small white corner visible mostly on darker websites
** Transparent background on every stage
** When the chat is closed, you can now also click on the small icon in left to open the window
** When you copy multiple lines and paste them on the chat, the lines format is preserved

Basic Info

** We changed the library that was used to detect broser, OS, etc…
** 4 new device types: besides Desktop,Mobile, Tablet we now can detect Console, Smart TV, Wearables and Embedded devices
** When it’s available the vendor and model name (eg. Samsung Galaxy S6) will be displayed as well

First Message Trigger

This is a new app that we built based on your feedback. Basically this app triggers a welcome message after a certain time. You can change the message/time in Setup -> Widgets -> Select widget -> First Message
This is only a temporary app, until the more feature rich trigger is built.
To install the app go to link:
first time message

As always we’d love to hear from you. Feedback is always welcomed:

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