Chat-widget 3.8 , visitors info , speed improvement and small bug fixes

Today we’re releasing version 3.8 of the chat widget. In this version we’re fixing a weird blinking bug that appeared in Chrome browsers when multiple tabs of the same site were opened. We’ve also made the chat faster by 5-10% compared to previous version.

Visitors info

We’ve also introducing a new app that will show you extra information about your visitors such as:
Visitor ID: an unique 32 characters id
Widget: the widget name where the visitor is connected – this is useful if you have multiple websites or if you have different chat-widgets embedded in you website
Number of visits
First visit
Last visit

You can install the app from this link(make sure you’re logged in)
Note: There is a planned update that will show information about previous conversations.

Choose a theme name

Now when you want to customize your chat’s colors, you’ll be asked to enter a theme name.

Other changes

– URLs from operator’s dashboard are now converted to links
– Geo location database has been updated

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