Black Friday Live chat template

With Black Friday just around the corner, HubTalk is releasing as the title says, a Black Friday template for your chat.
This was built to help you increase sales, and force people talk with operators(sales teams) about the possible discount they can get.

To install it go to Black Friday live chat template page.

Black Friday template

The template comes with 2 themes: Circle and Square, and has 2 areas: one where you can write your own percentage discount and one where you can write on what that percentage discount applies.
You can choose different values for when operators are online and when not.

Circle template

Square template

To change those values you need to go to: Setup->Widgets->[Select widget]->Black Friday

To change the template go to Setup->Widgets->[Select widget]->Look and feel and select Black Friday template. Make sure you press the update button.

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