New mobile optimized chat , mobile device theme editor , icon badge and first message trigger

Hello. This is our first update for 2016 and it’s a big one.

New mobile optimized chat widget

We’ve changed the way the chat appears on mobile devices to a small , round shape.

HubTalk mobile chat

Now the chat works in landscape mode as well.

HubTalk mobile chat landscape mode

Theme editor

The theme editor got a new update as well that gives you the possibility to change and preview how your widget is looking on mobile devices.
We also fixed the bug that didn’t allow you to change colors in basic mode on Google Chrome.

Icon Badge

Sometimes your clients might miss what you wrote because they navigate to other websites on different tabs. Now HubTalk is giving you the possibility to notify them with an icon badge that shows the number of unread messages.

HubTalk chat icon badge

For more settings go to Setup -> Widgets -> [Select widget] -> Message Notifier
There are 3 types of notifications:
1. Badge notification as described above
2. Blinking title: you can set a text like “New message” or something similar that will blink every second , alerting your visitors that they received a new message
3. Sound notification: a beep sound is played when the visitor receives a message and he’s idle for more than 30 seconds

message notifier settings

The icon badge feature is also available on the operators dashboard.
HubTalk icon badge

First Message trigger

Engage your customers by triggering an automatic welcome message. All you need to do is install this app: Welcome Message trigger, then go to Setup -> Widgets -> Select widget -> First Message to change the settings.
first time message

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