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Today we’re happy to release a new version of our software.
Besides the usual bug fixes , we’re also introducing a new feature that will allow you to split your visitors into assigned and all.

All Visitors

Now you have the possibility to view all visitors connected to your website: the ones that are assigned to you , the ones that are assigned to other operators and the ones that aren’t assigned to any operator. If a visitor is not assigned to an operator you can manually assign it to you with a simple click of a button.

NOTE: This is still in beta, so errors might appear.
NOTE: You can view max 100 visitors for the moment. We’ll increase the limit once is out of beta.

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By default visitors are automatically assigned to an online operator. If there is more than one operator online, the visitors will be equally split to every available operator.
You can set a limit per operator for maximum allowed visitors / conversations. By default the limit is 15 visitors and 10 conversations.
To change the limits go to Setup -> Operators -> [Select operator] -> Visitor Settings.

NOTE: We plan to add more configuration options by the time this is out of beta.

As always we’d love to hear from you. Feedback is always welcomed:

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