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We’re happy to announce a new cool feature that will help you speed up the process of providing support to your clients.

Contact Form

Classic contact forms are hostile. They look like barriers between your business and your clients and most of the time frustrate customers.
The problem is like this: the customer wants to contact the business, the business wants to reduce costs of talking to customers.

Introducing HubTalk Contact Forms – the best of both worlds.

HubTalk contact form appears during the live chat session after the client initiated the conversation. Form fields appear one after another ,clients having the possibility to cancel it at any time and still chat with one of your operators.

Here are some features comparison between HubTalk form and Classic form

Easy to initiate conversation
HubTalk form: Yes. Just type a message
Classic form: No. You have to fill the form

Can the client cancel the form and still chat?
HubTalk form: Yes. With a simple button click you can cancel the form and continue the already started conversation
Classic form: No. Clients are forced to complete the information in order to start the conversation

Complete the same field multiple times
HubTalk form: No. We’ll never ask for the same information twice.
Classic form: Yes. Clients are forced to complete the form fields over and over again if they decide to contact you again

Contact form – for operators

Avoiding to ask questions like “What’s your email/ phone number?” , operators will be instantly notified when a client completes a form field directly in the live chat conversation.

Easy to configure

First thing make sure this apps are installed : Contact form and Visitors Info

To configure go to Setup -> Widgets -> [ Select widget ] -> Contact Form

Informative message: Send a message before the first field appears
Message: Message content
Email: Ask for email address
Name: Ask for client’s name
Phone number: Ask for phone number


View all your clients contact information in a nice clean table from Users link in HubTalk dashboard’s top menu.

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