Beta 14 and chat-widget 1.3.0 now available

We’ve just released the 14th beta version of our software combined with a new version(v1.3.0) of the chat-widget.

Highlights of beta 14 include:

Major speed improvements when a chat-widget has 2 or more visitors

Operators can view the US visitors state(not just the city)

Close conversation button

Operators and visitors(starting chat-widget 1.3.0) can now close the conversations any time by pressing the “close conversation” button

Limit the number of visitors that can be auto-assigned to an operator

Every visitor that is connected to a chat-widget is auto-assigned to an operator(if any is available). Now you can set some rules in order to not `overwhelm` the operator, by setting a maximum number of visitors that can be auto-assigned. This settings are separated for every operator account.

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